Maintaining garage roller shutter doors

Published: 09th August 2010
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Maintaining garage roller shutter doors

1.Preliminary examination

Before doing any maintenance work on garage roller shutter doors, it's essential to first examine all of the different aspects of the door. This includes parts such as springs, cables and rollers. Prior to using garage roller shutter doors again, make sure any cracked orimpaired elements are replaced. Mostminor repairs may be fixed after a quick trip to any nearby D.I.Y store, however bigger jobs must be carried out by a specialist, or may require the garage roller shutter door being changed.


For garage roller shutter doors to operate most successfully you have to lubricate all moving elements frequently, for example, once every 3-4 months. The most effective method to lubricate garage roller shutter doors is to buy an aerosol spray lubricant along with a wand to clean the small components in advance of spraying them.

Nevertheless, check which elements you are lubricating before hand.

Although garage roller shutter doors are made to perfectly fit the doorway of your garage, there'llstill be a really small gap in between the garage door and door frame. Even though this gap is tiny it's going to act to suck all of the warm air from your garage.

Use weather stripping, a skinny strip of rubber material, to create a seal each time the garage door is shut. During a period of time the weather stripping may dry and crack, thus permittingthe air to escape once more. Weather strip protection can be bought from any local hard ware store and will be easily put in by anyone.


It is crucial that you keep the paintwork looking its best because this is definitely the most informing indication a garage roller shutter door is old. In case your paint is chipping or peeling simply use a bit of coarse sand paper, making surethe surface is quite smooth.

Since it is very difficult to match up paint it will be better to repaint the complete surface. But, ahead of doing any painting, fully clean the outside of the garage roller shutter door. This may make certain that nobits of dirt or dust will get mixed up with the paint and ruin the final outcome. For this reason, prime the whole surface area of the garage door so that the last coat of paint sticks. Allow the primer to completely dry ahead of applying the final outer layer.

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